Privacy Policy

All of the following applies to information collected with the Discord application "Slate#4283" (785196430796914758) through the Discord bot gateway.

What information do we store and why?

We store our users' IDs for all of the following information. All of this information can be accessed by people sharing a mutual server with Slate.

  1. We store user IDs and the number of times the commands have been run for the "fun" commands like count and multiply.
  2. We store past usernames and nicknames associated with specific user IDs. This is used for the /info user command and moderation purposes.
  3. We store user IDs in order to keep user XP for the messaging leaderboard and the /leaderboardcommand.
  4. We store server IDs in order to moderate and maintain server-specific settings. This includes custom command prefixes, disabled channels, logging channels, and logging toggles.

What about logging?

We observe, scan, but do not store any information that Slate logs regarding messages, presence changes, or nickname changes. Additionally, all logging is opt-in for server admins, so Slate does process anything unless it is configured to do so.

Third Party Data Sharing

We share data about the number of commands that are run with Statcord. All shared information is anonymous.

See Statcord's Privacy Policy.

Deleting Data

If you wish to delete data from Slate, use the /delete command. This will allow you to select the category of data that you wish to delete.

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions and/or concerns about the data stored, join our support server.

This policy was last updated November 17th, 2021.