Slate is a simple yet powerful bot that lets you watch YouTube Together, log ghost pings, play music, and dozens of other features!

Our Features

YouTube Together

YouTube Together is part of a new set of Discord features called Activities that let you interact with others in voice channels. Start a YouTube Together session with /activity!

Ghost Ping Logger

Slate has a versatile logging system that lets you track down ghost pings alongside potentially obscene statuses, nickname changes, and members leaving!

Music Player

Slate has an advanced music player for voice channels, including song looping, volume controls, loading Spotify playlists, and more!

Leveling System

As people talk, they'll gain experience. Use the /leaderboard xp and /leaderboard rank commands to measure how active people are compared to each other in your servers!

Complex Math

Use our powerful /math command to evaluate complex math expressions, equations, and systems. Factoring quadratics? Just /math factor x^2-4! Integrating functions? Use /math integrate 2x!

Advanced Info

Slate has several comprehensive info commands like /info user that give you as much information as possible, including username and nickname history!

…And More!

For a full list of features, invite Slate to your server and use the ;help command!
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